Dress Code as a Security Guad

Course Overview

The objective of a course on security guard dress code is to provide security guards with the knowledge and skills necessary to maintain a professional appearance and adhere to the company's dress code and personal appearance standards, in order to present a professional image, protect the company's reputation and ensure the safety of themselves and the people they are protecting.

Course Curriculum

    1. Module 1 Overview

    2. Appearance

    3. Class A Uniform

    4. Class B Uniform

    5. Professional Dress Code on Duty

    1. Understanding the SOGs

    2. Appropriate Uniform & Protective Wear

    3. Clean Uniforms

    4. Reporting of Uniforms & Accessories

    5. Uniforms during Official Duties

    6. Uniform Inspection

    7. Unauthorized Duty Gear or Equipment

    8. Uniforms during Termination or Resignation

    1. Dress Code Exam

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